Dennis Seclane

City: Freital (DE)
Styles: Electronic Music
Dabei seit: 01/2018


DJ, producer, and also label owner of the little label * Freak Noise Records * presents his own radio show. He plays a colorful mix of songs from label-owned music projects, good tracks from music friends and top classics. He will also broadcast a short mixed DJ-Set of Freak Noise music-projects – always alternately by Speedrockerz, Mellow Reflector and Dennis SecLane.

Charts July 2019

01 Dennis Seclane feat. Yvi Szoncsò – IBIZA

02 Dennis Seclane – Berlin, Du bist so wunderbar (Remix)

03 Pasca D. – Lowrises

04 Daxsen & Tony Moss – Beautiful People

05 VIZE – Glad You came